An Ivy League education, right here in India

Ashoka University is a philanthropic initiative founded by eminent scholars and visionaries to provide a liberal education on par with the best universities around the world. Our multidisciplinary courses on critical thinking and social consciousness will instill a love of learning in our students. At Ashoka, motivated educators and bright students will learn from each other and establish a vibrant community of free-thinking individuals.

We will inspire not only the best students in the world, but the best students for the world.

  • Kai Qin Chan

    Assistant Professor of Psychology, Ashoka University

  • Gwendolyn Kelly

    Assistant Professor of History, Ashoka University

  • Aruni Kashyap

    Assistant Professor of English and Critical Thinking, Ashoka University

  • Maya Saran

    Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Ashoka University

  • Kranti Saran

    Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Ashoka University

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